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TEAK King plank manufacture from EVA strips itself The King plank fish pattern or laser lettering?

KING PLANK (KING plank) self made

For our synthetic teak material, there is unfortunately so far no King plank by the supplier. In my considerations of deck design I wanted a wide median strip but like to. Considerations are good, and there were also ideas. Will work the self-produced Königsblanke but also in practice?

Sew yourself a heaving line sandbag with apractical multifunctional bag Bow/anchor much utility bag for tool and odds and ends

Throw bag
Updated: 04/03/2017

Cutting the multifunction pocket

Updated: 05/03/2017

Assembly of the frame

Announced already in the article for the anchors using a land line I introduce today a throw line bag, the should be expanded in functionality to a multi function pocket.… Read more