Rainer's rope trick – 360° Panorama for impoverished IPhone owner So you get correctly cleared off the tennis court.

IPhone panoramic - Stitching error

Rainer: “P.S.: The “old IPhone times” I have behind me – here a trick (to avoid tennis lines;) A cord with a small suction cup (for mobile phones) on the one hand and a loop (for the shoe) on the other side. So you have a constant point of nadir and the Panos are sensational … for that you need;)”

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Some of our readers will have wondered determined in November about our Christmas articles. The decisive factor was the annually recurring questions in various boats forums, what so you could give. The subject of photography and films is treated stepmotherly by most. We picked out two outstanding products have, which are intended for the Asian market and are thus not available in Europe. Therefore they are usually little attention. In addition, one must reckon with extremely long delivery times.