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Please note: You must have the rights for all texts and images, you post that on the page. Still, copyright is published your contribution and the images under Creative Commons by SA. This no exceptions will be made. With the creation of content on the page you agree, that the content will be handled editorially and on the website, in social media and in printed form must be published. Of course, your name or your website called you every time is published as the author.

Typography options

You can use a number of extra typography styles, more exciting to present your texts.

DropCaps / initial -To a paragraph z.B. to highlight at the beginning of an article, can you use a large initial letters at the beginning of the paragraph. You need to use this code in the HTML editor on your article, or on your side:

1 <span class="dropcap">Erster Buchstabe…

Pull quotes -In order to highlight a sentence in the text even once extra, can you right- and left-aligned pull quotes in the text insert. To do this simply one or two sentences in a p tag with the CSS class "pull-left" or "pull-right" embed.

1 <p class="pull-left">Das ist ein linksbündiger Pullquote-Text. 

Intro text -You can show a section of text in a larger font, z.B. the first paragraph of your article or your page. Dazu kannst du diesen Absatz in einen p tag mit der CSS-Klasse „intro“ setzen:

1 <p class="intro">Deinen Introtext hier einfügen…